Web Application Scanning

Web applications are prime targets for criminal attackers.

What is a Web Application Scanning?

Web Application Scanning quickly identify your security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your websites, applications and infrastructure to ensure you are secure from common cyber attacks.

87% of websites have medium security vulnerabilities
46% of websites have a high security vulnerabilities

source Hubspot

Tier One Frontline Web Application Scanning

Your web applications may be cutting edge, but they are also prime targets for cyber attacks. These apps frequently change and it is difficult to be sure they remain secure against intruders.

Tier One Web Application Scanning (WAS™) makes it easy to conduct dynamic testing with accurate assessment results, no matter how often your web apps change. User-friendly setup and actionable results give users the information they need quickly and concisely.

Easy Deployment

Easy deployment and configuration saves you time, money, and frustration often associated with other complex to manage solutions.

‘Blind Spot’ Coverage

Commonly missed by other web application assessment technologies and ensures visibility into vulnerabilities that could open the door to a breach.

Prioritised Vulnerabilities

Prioritisation of the most critical vulnerabilities allows your organisation to optimize its valuable resources through targeted efforts.


Tracking and trending on new and fixed vulnerabilities, giving you insight on the history your web applications.

Simple Navigation

Intuitive results navigation quickly visualises most critical pages and directories to pin highest areas of concern.


Provides the data and views you need to instantly visualise vulnerabilities, as well as on-demand report generation.

The Changing Landscape of the Web

Web application vulnerabilities are dangerous for many reasons. Public breaches risk damage to a company’s brand and reputation. And in an era where privacy is more important than ever, regulations such as GDPR
have significantly raised the stakes in terms of financial penalties and data breach disclosure.

The website has changed, with web browsers being incredibly powerful ecosystems. The consequence of this is a more expansive landscape for attackers to exploit. This is particularly true since traditional network-layer security defenses such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS) are ineffective at detecting or preventing web
application attacks.

Tier One Passionate about Keeping you Safe!

At Tier One, we know the importance of optimising all aspects of your security and safety on the web, protecting the information of your business and your customers.

Tier One Web Application Scanning has been developed to
provide the highest level of results through a system that is easily deployed and maintained. Enjoy the benefits of a technology you can trust to deliver unparalleled accuracy with minimal consumption of resources.

WAS™ will help you ensure your vulnerability and threat management program is targeted, effective and achievable. Providing insight into the security of your companies web applications and a list of prioritised vulnerabilities, and technical recommendations to rectify them.


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